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The Cheshire Wax Company Wax Bars....


Super sweet - juicy blueberries, sun ripened raspberries and blackcurrants with white sugar & marshmallows!
The Cheshire Wax Melts are strong and long lasting made with their unique blend of wax and the highest quality fragrance oils.
We recommend you snap off 2-4 squares and place in your burner – for electric burners we recommend using 2 squares (less is definitely more!) you can re-melt the squares many times before changing your wax.   


**What is a Wax Melt?** 
Wax Melts are like candles, without the wick! They are scented pieces of wax that can be melted in a tea light warmer or electric burner. The bulb or tealight melts The Cheshire Wax Company's Wax Melt Bars and releases a strong, long-lasting aroma. 
**How do I use a Wax Melt?** 
The Cheshire Wax Company's Wax Melt bars are are easy to snap, so you can snap off your desired amount and place in your warmer / burner. The heat will melt the wax and the scent will fill your space. We recommend using 2-4 squares. (if using an electric burner, only use two, less is more in this case!) Tea light burners tend to give off a stronger scent than electric warmers, but many people cannot tell the difference using our Wax Melt bars. 


**Do Wax Melts Evaporate like a candle?** 
No, as the wax isn’t being burnt with a flame. The scent is released when the wax is warmed. When you can no longer smell your chosen scent, it’s time to change your wax.  


**Important safety information**
Do not eat. 
Only use Wax Melt burners approved for Wax.  
Never leave Wax Melts unattended. 
Ensure the dish / burner is not over filled with wax. 
Only use tealights with a burn time of 4 hours. 
Store Wax Melts in a cool, dark place. 
Place the burner on a solid, flat and stable surface that is heatproof. 
Avoid draughts or vents and keep away from items that may catch fire. 
Do not pour wax down drains. 
Only move your burner / remove the Wax Melt when it has cooled. 
Never add fragrances / essential oils or water to the wax or burner. 


Zoe xx


The Cheshire Wax Companie's scents are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by designer fragrances or companies.

Blueberry & Marshmallows

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